How is new technology changing job design

How is new technology changing job design

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How New Technology is Transforming Job Design

The role of Future Technologies as a catalyst for job redesign. This article is an acknowledgment of the vital role of technology in helping us define, re-imagine and adapt our ever-changing job descriptions and contemporary business practices to reflect current job needs as they relate to new job concepts. Future technology is also described as technologies that can be anticipated as being part of the “next phase” in human endeavor and technological development. These technologies will not only facilitate the transition from one business model to the next but will ultimately determine the success or failure of an individual job.

The present-day has become the beginning, not the end, of the evolution of current technology, but the best possible time for the emergence of tomorrow’s technology. With the proper preparation, the correct skills, a willingness to adapt, and a clear idea of the future, an individual can begin to see how new technologies and techniques are impacting their career goals and what steps need to be taken to ensure their future success.

Career change: The ability to think ahead of the curve and anticipate changes in today’s job market is absolutely vital for success in today’s society. Job changes are inevitable. An individual has to be able to recognize new job opportunities, take advantage of those opportunities and apply these newly gained skills to their present and future job to be effective in their job search and ultimately in their career.

The challenge is making use of the information available to create an understanding of the emerging employment market in a manner that is applicable to the current job models, while keeping current job skills current and relevant. For example, if one is employed in sales and is planning on transitioning into an executive role, they must be able to understand that their sales skills may not be as relevant as their marketing and administrative skills. The key is to develop a balance between a general awareness of current job markets, the appropriate knowledge for the new job, and the knowledge and skill sets necessary to effectively pursue the new career.

Career changers need to be aware that changing jobs frequently will present them with a number of career challenges. Career change is often a multi-step process that begins by exploring a new career opportunity and then navigating the transition into the new position through many steps. There are many career counseling services that are available to assist in the development of a job change plan for the new career. Career counselors are trained and experienced career changers who understand the unique nature of career transitions and how the changes must be made for a successful career transition.

How is new technology changing job design
How is new technology changing job design

Job change and advancement: Every individual will find that a change in his or her job will be a step in a complex and complicated process that takes place over many steps. However, once an individual is able to successfully complete the career transition and continue to advance within the organization, an individual will realize that the steps are easier and more fluid than when the individual was just starting out.

If an individual is employed in sales for two years and decides to move into leadership, they will need to understand the need for an executive position, the skills and responsibilities, the various career paths available within this position and then the different career options that exist in the executive position. They will need to determine whether the time commitment required for such a position will provide the right type of success within the company.

Future technology is a catalyst for change and advancement, but the impact of technology on the workplace is an ongoing challenge that must be dealt with through an understanding of the human resource management system, career coaching, career planning, networking, job search and development, and career change. Once all of the issues are addressed, individuals can focus on the future rather than the past.

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