impact of technology in our daily life

impact of technology in our daily life

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What Can You Do About Cyber-Harassment and Cyber-Bullying?

In this day and age when it seems that the world is moving from one stage to another faster than ever, we can’t help but wonder whether technology is really going to affect our everyday lives. Is technology really going to transform the way we live or will it still be here for the foreseeable future?

The question itself is fascinating since in many ways we are already living in an age where technological advances have affected our everyday lives. This includes the use of computers and other technological devices, the internet, mobile phones, and other such gadgets. We can take advantage of some of these developments, although we still need to understand the effect of technology in our daily life.

The answer is quite simple – yes. Technology has indeed been a big part of our lives, but there are also other aspects of life that have remained unchanged by the advent of technology. For instance, the role of education has not been affected by the advent of computer technology and the internet. Education was once a time-consuming and tedious process, but this has all changed due to the increased availability of resources.

On the other hand, in the realm of everyday life, the main areas that have seen considerable changes due to technological advancement include the way in which we communicate with each other and interact with the world around us. It is easy to see how the internet has transformed our daily lives: we can now communicate with people from around the world and find a plethora of information online.

In today’s world, communication with people from different cultures, countries, races, and even ages is very much possible, thanks to the internet and computers. Moreover, the information that is available online can now be read and understood by a wide range of people: young adults, teenagers, senior citizens, as well as even children.

So if we consider all the technological developments that we can take advantage of, the impact of technology on our everyday life is actually quite positive. However, one of the major concerns that one must always keep in mind is that there are always some negative sides to technology.

One example of this negative side to modern technology is cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is a form of cyber-hate, which happens when someone makes cyber-attacks against a person on the internet, usually in an attempt to cause severe and lasting emotional distress. Cyber-bullying, unlike other types of cyber-hate, does not occur through any verbal or written words, but rather through the use of electronic means. The perpetrator tries to hurt the victim physically, using his/her name, voice, picture, or any personal detail about them in order to create a horrible online reputation.

The thing is though, that people who are harassed do not have a right to remain silent and one must speak out and take their personal experience to the attention of everyone they know. For this reason, it is important that one speaks up if he or she is suffering from such attacks.

impact of technology in our daily life
impact of technology in our daily life

As mentioned above, cyber-hate is more of a case of psychological attacks. These physical and verbal attacks could also be considered cyber-bullying; however, there is an extra difference between the two that may lead to some confusion between two. Cyber-bullying involves a person attacking another person through the use of his or her digital identity; whereas, cyber-hate refers to a person attacking another person through the internet without the other person’s permission.

In order to stop cyber-bullying, it is important for one to take action against cyber-threats and cyber-harassment; this is because these threats can cause permanent emotional damage. {This is why it is very important to take preventive measures. {to prevent cyber-bullying and cyber-harassment from happening to you. The best way to start with this is to take action against the person who has sent you a threatening email or text message and to inform the police.

Harassment is another serious issue that one should never ignore. Online harassment is also a form of cyber-bullying, however, it is not as physically hurtful as it is the case of cyber-hate. Online harassment refers to someone sending you unwanted emails, messages, tweets, and other forms of communication; this is done to either annoy you or embarrass you in some way.

Another form of harassment is online stalking, where someone would deliberately try to harass others in order to scare you into doing something that they want you to do or stop you from doing something that you want to do. You may even be forced to respond to this person’s messages. Stalkers can be stalkers that just want to hurt you through online chats and emails, or they might be cyberstalkers who only want to steal your personal information.

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