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Karger Publishers Platform Accessible via OASIS Momentum just gained another nine members as seventh partner joins the ranks of Karger Partners. This new partnership is the seventh formed between OASIS and an independent partner platform in as many months since August of last year. With Karger on Oasis, publishers now have an independent e-book platform that they can take full advantage of, with thousands of titles across dozens of subject fields accessible via a single application.

Karger Publishers

Authors have the opportunity to publish their own e-books on the Karger Publishers platform. In fact, Karger has partnered with several leading publishers to allow authors to publish their books on the platform without having to sell their own content to an outside publisher. Many independent authors are eager to take advantage of this new option, as it helps them retain their exclusive rights to their work, while increasing their exposure to the world. Independent authors have long dreamed of being able to write, but now have the opportunity to do so with an increased degree of financial security.

Publishing companies

This move into partnerships with independent publishing companies like Karger, Amazon’s E-Bookstore, and even Apple’s iBooks is yet another step into the growing marketplace for e-books and the future of the publishing industry. As these platforms continue to expand and provide additional features to their users, there is a significant opportunity for publishers to tap into this huge market. Many aspiring and experienced authors use Karger’s platform to manage their publishing projects.

As well as being an independent platform, Karger Publishing partners with many other publishers, providing authors with both free and paid opportunities to reach an audience. With its partners including Hachette, Penguin Random House, and Simon & Schuster, authors are provided with a wide variety of choices for both pay per click and pay per impression advertising and pay per download marketing.


Publishers have long been looking for a single, easy-to-use publishing application that allows authors to easily publish their work and allow others to publish as well. It should be noted, however, that although publishers can publish their own materials using Karger Publishers, they are not allowed to syndicate their material with the same partners who they have signed on with. This is a common practice among other independent publishers, as it gives them complete control over their publishing ventures and ensures a level playing field.

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Karger Publishers also offers a wide variety of services to its users, including the ability to create multiple titles from the same set of book covers, in addition to a variety of payment options including PayPal and all major credit cards. It also provides a “pre-order” service for customers so that authors can order books before they are even available for sale to the public. This means that they can wait for a specific deadline before they can make their purchase.

The publisher’s platform is a relatively straightforward way to begin distributing your work to a large audience without the costs associated with traditional publishing. By offering free book reviews to the community, authors can start generating traffic to their websites and increase the amount of sales that they see. They can also share their work with a wider demographic in an effort to build their reputation and build a following that will translate into readership and sales.

Oasis is a powerful tool to use to help writers to increase their visibility as well. Once an author has created their website, it is possible for users to join the community of writers who can offer valuable feedback on their works and potentially get published through their site. These users are also encouraged to buy the author’s published works.

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